Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm back....

Well, my mind over matter attempt to not get sick didn't work. I ended up with bronchitis, a sinus infection and ear infections. I felt awful all last week. I am finally recovering, although my meds are reaking havoc on my sleep and stomach.

I found my Gamsol2 Thumbs Up It was still in the bag I used to take stamping tools to a friends house! I have gotten some coloring done for what I think will be one of my Christmas cards. I will get it put together and get it posted blog about stamping hasn't got much stampin stuff lately Huh

I promise...I will post a creation this week!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Quick Post

Hi all!! I had such great plans for getting some stamping done today, but my body thinks it should try and get sick. My head says NO THANK YOU :) So, I have taken it easy today, but did spend some time in my stampin' space cleaning a bit, trying to find my Gamsol, which seems to have disappeared, which I just don't understand considering it's a big ole' thing of it and should not be easy to misplace...grrr. Will try and get some stampin' done soon so I can post my JDRF Walk thank you cards and templates for my christmas cards!

If you know where my Gamsol went to, I apparently need all the help I can get, lol!! Have a great week!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

JDRF Walk Day

Introducing Sierra's Super Steppers!!!

Walk Day ended up not happening :( . A huge storm rolled in sometime after midnight Friday night and spend most of Saturday dropping tons of water in the KC metro. We were planning on trying to walk in the POURING rain, but when the lightning kicked in high gear we decided it wasn't such a good idea. My parents and I went to the walk site for me to drop off a couple of checks and pick up our t-shirts, and just walking to the tent and back to the car, my pants from right above my knees (where my raincoat stopped :)) were soaked through. We had a good family weekend despite the JDRF Walk rainout!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007


I had such a great day today! Ran some errands prepping for a sleepover tonight, then went to my friend Keri's and made cards. It was so much fun. We made 3 each of 4 different Christmas cards! I have never gone to one of these events and I really enjoyed myself. It's nice to be with other stampers, sharing ideas and creating together!! It's also nice to just copy someone elses ideas, lol!!

Tonight, my niece Sierra and nephew Luke came over to spend the night. We had a ton of fun. We made cupcakes, played outside with the water gun, made spooky foam haunted houses, watched some TV, played with their hoola hoop, colored, and giggled a lot!!

Hoping to get some more stamping done tomorrow!! Hope everyone had a great World Card Making Day!!!