Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Elzybells Cute New Stamps!!

Hi there!! Elzybells has some seriously cute stamps...and they just released some more!!! Head on over to see the cute new stuff and find out how to win ALL of the stamps released this time!!

Cute new stamps are here!!

Elzybells blog with contest info is right here!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Progress in my Stampin Space

It's coming along. You will learn as you come with me on this journey that I am an arrange and rearrange kinda gal til I find the flow that fits me. Who knows if this is how it will all end up, lol.

So, here are some more pics with the progress I've made this weekend. Two more cubes from Michael's via two 40% off coupons, and lots of stuff put away.

Pic One is the view from the hallway. The shelving under the window houses all of my Anne Geddes dolls and toys, books, games and other items for my nieces and nephews to play with when they come over. There are some candle holder on there that must be moved somewhere else now that I look at that pic ;)

Pic Two is the shelving unit moved into place...and my lil Justice checking things out!

Pic Three is the closet...again, lol. I have move some of my paper racks in there.

And Pic Four is the Cow Wall with the two new Michael's cubes and getting full use of the table top space!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The finished product...late VD goodies!

Here are the cupcakes that I made to take to work, decorated with a variety of things, including some of the chocolates I made.

Also, the cute lil baggies of chocolates that also go to work!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My messy lil stampin space

So this is definately a work in progress...but if you look past the mess I hope that you can see the potential of what amazing things will come out of this space once everythings put away where it should, and the furniture is arranged and I am sitting there creating away.

This will be installment one of the pics of my space. Thought I would bring you along on my creation journey. Umm, and if you could not think badly of me because of the disaster that it is now, that would be great ;) There are descriptions of each pic below!

Pic One is the view from the door. Frightening, huh?!?! The shelves straight in will go on the wall to the left of where it is currently planted :)

Pic Two is the view standing kinda in the closet. It shows my fabulous stampin desk (purchased from Target) and umm, well, a bunch of stuff that needs to be put away!!

Pic Three is the closet. It's the best looking place in the whole room. I bought some cheap plastic shelves on clearance at Target and started unloading and organizing all of the stuff that I have. Mostly what's in there now is stuff to be altered, but I am also putting other items in there too.

Pic Four is the Cow Corner. I have 4 of the Michael's craft cubes (which are the bomb I might add) with the table toppy thing you can also get a Michael's. On top of that, well is a bunch of crud, and my paper, umm, and there are a couple more paper holders still downstairs. Yes, I have a problem...well a lot of problems when it comes to this craft!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What have I been doing?

Making chocolates to share with friends at work. It has been a long time since I whipped out my Wilton Candy Melts and Molds and made some pretty chocolates, and now that I am feeling motivated, back on track and happy with life, I decided no time like the present to make presents ;) Yup, cheezy, I know! Yes, these will be belated VD candies, but better late than never I say. So here is a pic of the chocolates I have been working on, there are teddy bears, roses, hearts, flowers and stars. Some of them will go into a lil clear baggie, some will top the cupcakes I am going to make tomorrow, and a few will just stay where they are and go to work to sit on the table for anyone to eat!

I have pics of my disastrous stampin space for come back!! And then you'll have to keep coming back so you can see it when it's FINALLY finished. And I promise I will work hard to get it together in the next 1-1.5 months ;) and will post pics of my progress!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy VD!!!!

Long time, no post. So here's a quick update to what's been happening with me. I have been working hard on getting my stampin space organized. I am FINALLY making progress!! I will get some pictures up this weekend. I am also participating in a weight loss challenge and working very hard to be healthier!!

This weekend I am doing a 7 day total body cleanse. Took the first round of pills last night, round two this morning and so far, so good. I have also been diligent about taking multivitamins, vitamin C, fish oil, echinacea and glucosomin chondrontin (yeah, prolly spelled those wrong). Additionally, I became a Mone Vie distributor really for the purpose of purchasing their juice for me. It is an Acai berry blend juice and I am super excited about the health benefits!!

I have also been exercising regularly on my Wii Fit, which I LOVE!!!!! And eating healthy. I am not doing perfect but I am certainly making serious progress.

The other thing that I have been working on getting myself organized. I got a cool new Blackberry phone and I am putting everything in there. It is amazing and I am getting things done so much more efficiently. Once I get the stampin space organized and useable that is going on my calendar and I am getting serious about stampin play time.

So that's my life right now...I will be back later this weekend with some pics to make this a lil more interesting ;)