Saturday, February 21, 2009

Progress in my Stampin Space

It's coming along. You will learn as you come with me on this journey that I am an arrange and rearrange kinda gal til I find the flow that fits me. Who knows if this is how it will all end up, lol.

So, here are some more pics with the progress I've made this weekend. Two more cubes from Michael's via two 40% off coupons, and lots of stuff put away.

Pic One is the view from the hallway. The shelving under the window houses all of my Anne Geddes dolls and toys, books, games and other items for my nieces and nephews to play with when they come over. There are some candle holder on there that must be moved somewhere else now that I look at that pic ;)

Pic Two is the shelving unit moved into place...and my lil Justice checking things out!

Pic Three is the closet...again, lol. I have move some of my paper racks in there.

And Pic Four is the Cow Wall with the two new Michael's cubes and getting full use of the table top space!!

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Christi said...

This is looking great Keri!!!