Monday, March 17, 2008

PMS Check In

Hi all!! Spent the last week relaxing in Florida with my parents and now I am back and feeling refreshed and ready to go!!

So, I thought I would do a PMS check...

Physical Wellness ~ Let's focus on the positive...I feel pretty good and am ready to work on feeling better. My back is all out of whack, but I will get a chiropractor appointment and take care of that! I also need to make an appointment with my allergist and I need to find a dentist.

Mental Wellness ~ I continue to come out of my funk. I am feeling more positive by the day!! I am ready to get back on my Flybaby routines, work is amazingly awesome, even though there is SO much to do and I have re-established some relationships and am working at several others!!

Spiritual Wellness ~ Again...things are going well on this front too!! Lent has been a great period of reflection and restraint! I gave up fast food and chocolate, which has been really hard for me...but I am hoping it's a habit that sticks...not total denial of those things, but a serious decrease in the consumption.

Monday, March 3, 2008


I found this cool info about PMS on Denise's blog I bet you all think PMS has something to do with being grumpy, crampy, bloated and whatnot. And yes, it could, but Denise lays it out like this...

Physical Wellness
Mental Wellness
Spiritual Wellness

And then she checks in on each of them! I think this is brilliant, and ties in perfectly with my quest for JOY!!!

So, periodically I will do a PMS check!!

But instead of jumping straight into the PMS check, how about a lil chat about JOY?!?!
Well, this year started out not so joyful for me in many ways, although in other ways it was good.
J - My relationship with God is at a totally different place than it was 4 months ago. I am going to church regularly, praying more, and just living my life in a much different way than I had been. Some things were minor changes, some were big and all have made me a much happier person and I am much happier with me!
O - My relationships with others is improving. I went through a bit of a funk the last month which wasn't real helpful to building relationships with others, as I wanted to be by myself a lot, but I still made some changes. One thing I have done is reached out to someone I used to be very good friends with, and for one reason or another we stopped talking. We have been playing phone tag for weeks now, but we are both trying to set aside some time together to re-establish out friendship. Another big thing in the way of relationships with others is work related. A VERY bad and unhealthy relationship has now ended (insert happy dance) and I now have a fantastic new boss that I am so excited about. I have also gotten a promotion and am looking forward to the opportunities these things open up for my job.
Y - Last but not least is my relationship with me (or you as the y stands for, yes, confusing when typing about it on a blog, lol) Anyways, with J and O looking up, it could only in turn help Y!! Now, Y was a struggle this last month. The funk got me down, I was unmotivated, tired and kinda cranky. What was weird was that at work I was pretty much fine, then I'd come home and it was like the life blood was sucked out of me. I just became a vegetable, lifeless, and limp. OK, so I wasn't even a crisp, right off the shelf veggie, I was an old, past it's time veggie. Anyways, I am coming out of the fog and feeling better. I get to go to Florida for all of next week, and that, I fully intend to use as me time, to refocus and relax and be ready to come back as the JOYFUL me that Jesus, Others and You should, can and will be!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I love this set but...

I am not sure I love this card! I feel like I squished too much onto the maybe the sentiment should be on the inside...or not mounted like it is...something is just not right. But alas, here it is for you to scrutinize!!

Stamp set is Papertrey's Piece of Cake!!

Papertrey's Out on a Limb

set is so gorgeous!! I love it's versatility and the sayings are just amazing! I made this simple card with Papertrey's pre-scored white cards, which I also love!! And might I add a lil plug for their awesome, best in the whole wide world and best price white cardstock...well, head over there and get some...NOW ;)

Come back tomorrow to check out a card I am not so sure I like...and I would love your opinion on!!

Edited: The saying on this card says, The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

I love stamping!!

I have not done a lot of stamping lately, and today, I went to a friends and while she scrapped I made some cards and started a project. And can I just say, I LOVE TO STAMP!! Being crafty is like therapy! So, I thought I would share my creations with today, then you will see more in the coming days...I don't want to post them all at once and then disappear like I tend to do all too often. My first card is made with stamps from Gina K's Way to Go set!! This set just cracks me up!!

Hope you like it...and come back this week as I will actually be posting more than once this week!!