Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pretty Lil Princess

I just love this's by DoodleFactory and you can find it here They have a bunch of totally cool sets!

I used Papertrey's Sweet Blush and Spring Moss paper, except for the Very Vanilla SU cardstock that was used to stamp the images on. The images were stamped with Black Staz On, and colored with Prisma pencils and blended with Gamsol, except for the princesses face which was colored with a Copic. The pretty lil princess was cut out and popped up on dots...her head is actually also cut out and attached with a SU dimensional...that wasn't planned but I had a lil Copic marker problem. Any of you have a problem with you Copic Sketches leaking a big blob of color out sometimes when coloring? I have had this happen to me several times and it does not make for pretty coloring when it happens. The castle was cut out and embossed using the Stampin Kub's square nestability. I used Gina K's Metallic Rub On Paste around the edges. The pink strips were punched out using SU's word window punch and then I ran the edges on my PTI Sweet Blush Palette Ink Pad. Once it was put together I felt it was missing something, so added a lil Stickles to the princesses hat and dress.

Hope you like it.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Stampin Weekend

This weekend I hosted a group of SCS Flybabies in the Kansas City area for a weekend of stampin and fun. We had a blast, talking, sharing, doing tutorials, learning new stuff, shopping and lots and lots of giggling!! Oh, and THE Stampin Kub joined the group...he is so awesome! Super smart, talented, nice and patient in a room full of crazy women!!

Here is a card I made this weekend. I am not very happy with either photo, as neither seems to truly capture just how nice it turned out! I wasn't too sure I liked this card until the Kub said he liked it...and then I thought it must be good ;)

I used the Scor Pal on the card base, a new ink called Opalite (I think...I will run and check in a bit) and my oval nestabiities to cut out the ovals. I popped up the black oval on 3M foam mounting squares...I am loving them, they are a lil thicker than what I usually use and I like the extra oomph ;) it gives! The stamp set is from PTI, and if you look closely as the bottom right corner you will see that I stamped a flower and happy birthday there.

P.S. I am going to work on a tutorial for the popsicle cards this weekend, I had a request on here, and the ladies this weekend wanted one and we didn't get it done!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yummy stamp club cards!!

Look at these delicious popsicle cards!! Love the gorgeous vibrant colors, the use of a set I own (imagine that ;)) and a creative/different card. The "bite" was made using the scalloped punch...when you do this, make sure to make the "bite" on the front of the card a bit bigger than the one on the back of the card so you get the creamsicle effect :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Froggie cards

3 Stamp Clubs ago, we started this new thing where one person would stamp off images, and everyone would take them home and create a card. We then bring them to the next Stamp Club, in this case we only had two weeks...aaaaaggggghhhh (you will understand when you see the detail on the image :)) Anyways, everyone who brings back a completed card puts their name in and we draw names for who gets whose card. The first three pics are of the card I made. The second card is Beth's adorable froggy card that I picked!! Love it!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another super cute Stamp Club creation!

Keri taught us how to mask at Stamp Club this time...masking was the first technique I ever learned and used after I first got introduced to SU...but not everyone is the group had seen it done so she shared. I love the bright cheery color combo and the use of the scalloped punch! I am also such a big fan of stamping color on color for backgrounds...I must do this more often!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

So glad I bought this set off ebay!

We have made several super cute cards with this set and after the first one I bought this set off ebay and I am glad I did! The possibilities are endless with this set!! I love the color combo Keri (SU demo and fearless Stamp Club leader, and yes, her name is the same as mine ;)) chose. Totally cute!

Actually Paying Attention, I've Been Tagged

I was tagged by a super good friend and all around good person, who also happens to be hysterical. Her name is...well it depends on the day..but you can find her crazy funny blog here. She is the daughter of the also amazingly talented luvlee on SCS...and her blog can be reached by clicking right here! So really this post should be titled a family affair or summin' but alas, I ain't changin' nuttin'. OK, so on to the tagging...I am cutting and pasting the rules from Erynn's blog, cuz they are so much more fun the way she puts them!!

Rules--to be posted and followed down to the last letter within the time span of one week. Consequences for disobeying these rules even slightly or for putting them aside for longer than one week will not be mentioned for fear of queasy readers:

1. Post these rules. This rule was really already implied above, but it's worth repeating.

2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves. They have to be random. Random, of course, can be defined in any way the poster feels like, unless it's a really boring definition. I recommend including ducks in it somewhere. Ducks are never boring.

4. At the end tag and name a few (at least two) other people. Well, tag at least. You don't have to name them, but it would be helpful. Mostly helpful to the people wondering who got tagged, and if it was them.

5. Go to the people tagged (and possibly named) and leave a comment telling them they're tagged (and named, unless you're keeping that bit a secret from them, which is always fun).

6. No matter what else you do--if all else fails--DO NOT FORGET TO OBEY RULE 3.

So my random facts:
1. Growing up, I had two ducks as pets, Daffy and Tweety. (What are the chances I'd have a true random duck fact??? Obviously pretty high!)
2. Hmm, I seem to have run out of random facts....{thinking}...reframing randomness to stuff my blogging friends don't know...which is ALOT :) I am totally counting this as a fact, hee hee.
3. I was my parents last attempt to have a boy...oops, sorry Dad!!
4. I played on a racquetball team in highschool..yup, say it, DORK!
5. I did not go to my prom...or anyone elses for that matter...see #4.
6. I never ate cottage cheese til I was 30, now I love it.
7. I am the very proud godmother to my niece Tori and my nephew Luke!! And of course the very proud aunt of my nephew Nathan and my niece Sierra!!
8. I can clasp my hands behind my back and flip them over my head without letting go...if you try this...DO NOT go farther than your comfort or you'll pop your arms out of your shoulder socket...yep, that's what mine do...if you listen carefully you can hear it :)

Now, I generally don't do this tagging schtuff, but cuz I was SO honored to be tagged by Erynn I just had to post, but alas, I am disobeying rule #4, and probably rule #3 too ;) But if you want to imagine that I tagged you...insert your name here :)

Have a great day!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Stamp Club at my house!!!

Tonight was stamp club at my house! We had lots of fun, and this time we made a total of 6 cards, with 4 different designs...come back in the coming week so that it will all make sense ;)

I will tell you that my pics are not that great...but I am exhausted, so until I get better pics taken, here you go...sorry :(

The first card I will share with you is the most adorable lil' beach card. Doesn't that look just like a real flip flop? So much fun!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Stamp Pad Storage

I have been searching for the perfect storage solution for my stamp pads. Something that was not only functional, but attractive and most important, didn't break the bank. I looked and looked and looked, and then miraculously, one day on that fabulous site SCS, someone posted to a company called Organize More. I had found what I wanted and needed and let me just say I am in love with this stamp pad organizer!!!! It is exactly what I had in my head, and one of the things that I wanted was something where the stamp pads didn't stick out too much, something about them sticking out was not pleasing to me ;). I got what I wanted!! I couldn't be happier with this! The price was right, the shipping was reasonable and FAST! I would HIGHLY recommend you RUN to this site and check out what they've got. Look at how awesome this baby is...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Long Card

I love making cards that are not the "normal" size...although the whole issue of envelopes sometimes can be an issue. This card fits perfectly into a legal sized envelope so it won't cost anymore to mail!! The purses were made with the SU Round Tab Punch. The lil triangles were made by punching out the SU Round Tab Punch in the solid color and then cutting a triangle out of the top so that you have the perfect size triangle for the flap!! We stamped cute lil purses onto the's such an extra special touch to decorate the envelope!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stamp Room Fun

I have been busy cleaning and organizing in my stamp room. This has been quite the process as I have struggled with how I wanted it to look, room setup, etc. I think I have finally settled on a setup for now, which includes not buying too much new furniture, as my basement has a built in bar which I have been using as my crafting "desk," and while I was strongly drawn to convert that back into a workable bar and buy a new desk and such, I decided at this time, I am not going to use a workable bar and I need to try and stop spending so much money on this obsession of mine (and yours too I am betting ;)) So, I thought I'd give you installments of what I have been doing...hope you enjoy!!

First thing I tackled was organizing the gazillion pieces of beautiful paper I own. I have really struggled with how to do this, cause every way I tried just didn't work for me. So this is my latest attempt. On these shelves are all whole pieces of paper, sorted by color, and if there is a coordinating colored patterned paper it goes on the shelf right below the shelf with the solid colored cardstock. I also sorted striped, polka dotted and geometric paper onto their own shelf. Not sure I will like that, but we shall see. In addition, on these shelves are sheets of stickers, chipboard, SU double sided patterned paper on it's own shelf and paper families like Basic Grey on their own shelves. I have small scraps in a photo box, larger scraps in a Cropper Hopper storage sleeve sorted by patterned paper and solid cardstock and then further by color. I am hoping this will be the way that works for me as it was a lot of work.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fun Lil Card

Here is another card I made at stamp club. Love the bright colors and the lil suprise pocket inside for a special note!!

Monday, June 2, 2008


I have wanted to make one of these pens for a long time...and at Stamp Club I learned how. Amazingly simple as long as you are careful and pay attention th what you're doing ;) I think I will be making more of these for friends and family!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

More Stamp Club fun!!

Hi there!! Yesterday was stamp club! We have so much fun making cards, and yesterday we had lots of stories to share and we were all having lots of great laughs. I laughed so hard a couple of times I thought I was gonna wet myself! Anyway, we made lots of fun stuff so I have pics to share. The pic I will share with you today is a gorgeous shades of brown card that is really out of my comfort area. It's not really my style but I really like this card!! The butterfly was stamped with SU Chocolate Chip and then we used a blender pen to give it a watercolor effect with the green!!