Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stamp Room Fun

I have been busy cleaning and organizing in my stamp room. This has been quite the process as I have struggled with how I wanted it to look, room setup, etc. I think I have finally settled on a setup for now, which includes not buying too much new furniture, as my basement has a built in bar which I have been using as my crafting "desk," and while I was strongly drawn to convert that back into a workable bar and buy a new desk and such, I decided at this time, I am not going to use a workable bar and I need to try and stop spending so much money on this obsession of mine (and yours too I am betting ;)) So, I thought I'd give you installments of what I have been doing...hope you enjoy!!

First thing I tackled was organizing the gazillion pieces of beautiful paper I own. I have really struggled with how to do this, cause every way I tried just didn't work for me. So this is my latest attempt. On these shelves are all whole pieces of paper, sorted by color, and if there is a coordinating colored patterned paper it goes on the shelf right below the shelf with the solid colored cardstock. I also sorted striped, polka dotted and geometric paper onto their own shelf. Not sure I will like that, but we shall see. In addition, on these shelves are sheets of stickers, chipboard, SU double sided patterned paper on it's own shelf and paper families like Basic Grey on their own shelves. I have small scraps in a photo box, larger scraps in a Cropper Hopper storage sleeve sorted by patterned paper and solid cardstock and then further by color. I am hoping this will be the way that works for me as it was a lot of work.


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oooo...........I love the paper organizer!!! I totally have MAJOR paper organizing issues!!!! Prolly because I have a major papaer ADDICTION!!!! LOL

Loretta's Blog said...

Ohh I love the paper organizer as well! I have paper orgaizing 'issues' If you feel the need to come to Maryland and help me out --- :-)

Happy Stamping,


Christi said...

I WISH I could have my paper like that. Yummy!!!

Sarah said...

I love your paper organizer!!! I wish I had enough room to do something like that!!

Suzanne said...

I have my papers in racks like this and I LOVE IT!!!! I think you will also. Being as my stamp room is in an extra bedroom mine is in the closet.