Sunday, September 28, 2008

Love Shrinky Dink and Melanie M's stamps

Here is my first try at making earrings for my Walk to Cure Diabetes. I used the frosted Shrinky Dink, which is a little harder to color as the colors seem to run a bit and then when you do two colors side by side there's a lil mixing going on...which does not satisfy my anal retentiveness ;) So I have some clear and I have been working on it. I have learned a very important lesson about Shrinky Dink that took me a while to figure out. At first I thought I had a bad sheet of Shrinky Dink, it kept not shrinking up quite right, warping a bit. Then I went back to try something on the sheet of frosted that I knew had worked just fine, and I made a mistake, like I had repetitively on the clear sheets and I used my Staz On cleaner to wipe it off...when I had the AHA moment of I bet the Staz On cleaner is what is causing the Shrinky Dink to warp when I heat it up. Low and behold, my AHA moment was exactly right...I'll take a pic later or what the warped ones look like, it warped the frosted on the worst. Each person on our Walk team picked what they wanted for the center of their shirt. The girls are getting earrings, the boys pins, and lil Miss Sierra will get a necklace, as her ears are not pierced yet. Will post my final products when they are all done!!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Whew, names were all written out, then cut out. Put in a Pampered Chef bowl, stirred appropriately and here are the WINNERS!!!

They are...drumroll please...



Lee (aka luvlee on SCS)

Thank you all so much for playing along!! And a HUGE thank you to each of you who have donated for my JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes!! There is still time for you to donate!!

Jen and Lee ~ email me your addy's and your preference for which stamp set you want. If it doesn't work out that you each want a different one then I'll just draw for it ;)

Friday, September 19, 2008


Hi got in the I am very sorry for the blog candy delay...but here we go.

What am I giving away? TWO...yes, I said TWO Gina K stamp sets!! That means two winners. Now, I don't have pics of the sets I will be giving away...but head on over to these links to check them out (and do a lil shopping if you so desire :))

Now, to find out the best way to must read back some posts for extra ways to enter. AND, in an effort to up the dollar amount I have collected for my Walk to Cure Diabetes, I will give you one entry per dollar you donate...the link is above. Please make sure to let me know in a comment if you donated so I can give you the extra entries.

SO, I am not the most popular blog out there...not even slightly popular quite please spread the word...and I will pick a winner one week from today. So come back to see if you won on September 26!!

I have some card pics to share with see you soon...oh, and THANK YOU for being patient while I didn't post the blog candy ;)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The last of the acetate cards

Here is the last acetate card we made. I totally love this one, from the way it opens, to the colors to the layout and so on and so forth!!

Blog cand will have to happen next week...I am heading to St. Louis tomorrow to hang with my family and most especially my niece and nephew and my "adoptive" niece.

So, you still have time to get your comments in for more chances to win.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Acetate Cards Part Three

Wasn't sure if I liked this card as we started making it. But it grew on me. I love the tree image, and the whole layout of the card. The sentiment is way cute, but the squirrel creeps me out a's too life needs more cutesyness :) So, this is the 3rd of 4 acetate cards. Once the 4th one is posted (I'm thinking tomorrow) then the blog candy is a coming!!!

And here's a hint...there will be more than one prize...and it's something from a super amazing lady. WAIT...just had an idea...if you can answer who the blog candy comes from AND you comment on one of my posts about her (there's your first hint)(and yep, I'm making ya work :) but I am also creating work for me too!) then you will be entered twice into the drawing before it even starts. OK, here's your hint...I am going to give away some stamp sets from a wonderfully talented, super sweet, amazing mom and rockin business woman.

So here's what you need to do for your first entry...guess where the stamp sets came from (who really) on this post. To get an additional entry ~ post a comment on any post I have made about her or any post with her stamps on the items in any post. Then sit back and wait for the official BLOG CANDY post for your last chance to enter to win.

Oooh, this is gonna be fun!! I hope you think it sounds fun...and will enter to win!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Acetate Cards Part Deux :)

Note to teachers of card making classes. End with the glitter card. When you start with it, you end up with the glitter on everything...which is not such a bad thing, but I am a lil on the anal retentive side, and if the card design doesn't have glitter, it prolly shouldn't have random glitter. I am thinking about some blog candy soon...I was getting close to 4000 visits the last time I looked (watch, I make this statement and I will have passed 4000 or something ;)) SO, keep coming by to see when and what the prezzie will be!!