Saturday, June 14, 2008

Actually Paying Attention, I've Been Tagged

I was tagged by a super good friend and all around good person, who also happens to be hysterical. Her name is...well it depends on the day..but you can find her crazy funny blog here. She is the daughter of the also amazingly talented luvlee on SCS...and her blog can be reached by clicking right here! So really this post should be titled a family affair or summin' but alas, I ain't changin' nuttin'. OK, so on to the tagging...I am cutting and pasting the rules from Erynn's blog, cuz they are so much more fun the way she puts them!!

Rules--to be posted and followed down to the last letter within the time span of one week. Consequences for disobeying these rules even slightly or for putting them aside for longer than one week will not be mentioned for fear of queasy readers:

1. Post these rules. This rule was really already implied above, but it's worth repeating.

2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves. They have to be random. Random, of course, can be defined in any way the poster feels like, unless it's a really boring definition. I recommend including ducks in it somewhere. Ducks are never boring.

4. At the end tag and name a few (at least two) other people. Well, tag at least. You don't have to name them, but it would be helpful. Mostly helpful to the people wondering who got tagged, and if it was them.

5. Go to the people tagged (and possibly named) and leave a comment telling them they're tagged (and named, unless you're keeping that bit a secret from them, which is always fun).

6. No matter what else you do--if all else fails--DO NOT FORGET TO OBEY RULE 3.

So my random facts:
1. Growing up, I had two ducks as pets, Daffy and Tweety. (What are the chances I'd have a true random duck fact??? Obviously pretty high!)
2. Hmm, I seem to have run out of random facts....{thinking}...reframing randomness to stuff my blogging friends don't know...which is ALOT :) I am totally counting this as a fact, hee hee.
3. I was my parents last attempt to have a boy...oops, sorry Dad!!
4. I played on a racquetball team in highschool..yup, say it, DORK!
5. I did not go to my prom...or anyone elses for that matter...see #4.
6. I never ate cottage cheese til I was 30, now I love it.
7. I am the very proud godmother to my niece Tori and my nephew Luke!! And of course the very proud aunt of my nephew Nathan and my niece Sierra!!
8. I can clasp my hands behind my back and flip them over my head without letting go...if you try this...DO NOT go farther than your comfort or you'll pop your arms out of your shoulder socket...yep, that's what mine do...if you listen carefully you can hear it :)

Now, I generally don't do this tagging schtuff, but cuz I was SO honored to be tagged by Erynn I just had to post, but alas, I am disobeying rule #4, and probably rule #3 too ;) But if you want to imagine that I tagged you...insert your name here :)

Have a great day!!


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh "Erynn" is totally gonna DIE LAUGHING that you have a REAL random duck fact!!!!!!!!! LOL I didn't go to my prom (nor anyone else's either) and I wasn't even good enough to be on ANY team!!! And I just LOVE the way that you are the bestest Auntie ever!!!!!

Erynn said...

Ducks, that's awesome!
I love your random comments!!! :D Thanks for letting me tag you!! :) And for not tagging me back ;);)

Christi said...

LOL! This is awesome!! I love learning more crazy facts about you Keri! Oh and I got my images in. Thank you SOOOO much!!

Anonymous said...

Why oh why did I not read your post BEFORE I went to KC? What a hoot!