Monday, March 17, 2008

PMS Check In

Hi all!! Spent the last week relaxing in Florida with my parents and now I am back and feeling refreshed and ready to go!!

So, I thought I would do a PMS check...

Physical Wellness ~ Let's focus on the positive...I feel pretty good and am ready to work on feeling better. My back is all out of whack, but I will get a chiropractor appointment and take care of that! I also need to make an appointment with my allergist and I need to find a dentist.

Mental Wellness ~ I continue to come out of my funk. I am feeling more positive by the day!! I am ready to get back on my Flybaby routines, work is amazingly awesome, even though there is SO much to do and I have re-established some relationships and am working at several others!!

Spiritual Wellness ~ Again...things are going well on this front too!! Lent has been a great period of reflection and restraint! I gave up fast food and chocolate, which has been really hard for me...but I am hoping it's a habit that sticks...not total denial of those things, but a serious decrease in the consumption.


Lee said... are very amazing you know!! It would be so easy to give in to the funk.....but you face it and fight it and admit it......what a wonderful help to others who may be going thru the same thing!!! Big Hugs my friend!!!

Rebekah said...

Welcome back, glad you had a nice vacation! Sounds like you are ready to dig in again! Facing funk...better to face it then put it in the closet! You go girl!

Sarah's Stampin said...

welcome home girly! we sure did miss yoU!

LadyDoc said...

Kerrianne- it sounds like you are making real progress and that your vacation really did you good. Keep moving in the right direction- we all wish the best for you.