Saturday, June 27, 2009

Going Pink Part 2...

Hi there!! Just thought I would pop in and give you the latest update on my mom and the card campaign.

First of all, final results came back. Her lymph nodes are clear, thank you God!!! But the breast tissue was not, so they will be doing surgery again to remove more tissue. They are waiting on the doc to tell them when surgery will be. I am hoping it will be this Wednesday, as I will be in St. Louis and can help take care of her.

So I am still looking for prayers and cards to keep her spirits up as she continues her battle. She said the other night that she is tired of this, mostly because she has better things to do. And she does, so I hope this next surgery can be the last.

She said last night that she is getting cards every day now. THANK YOU to everyone who is sending cards. I would love to keep the mailbox full until her battle is officially over. So, if you are interested in sending her a card, please leave a comment on this post with your email and I will send you her address, or click on View My Profile in the sidebar, then click on email me.

Here are the stats on peeps signing up to send cards (Mom said yesterday she thinks she's gotten like 40, woohoo)
I have cards being sent as a result of posting on the following sites:
9 from SCS Stampin Flybabies friends
13 from SCS friends
16 from Facebook friends
15 blog friends
16 non computer connected friends
69 total

Some of the people listed about are sending multiple cards, so my numbers are a bit off...I cannot tell you how much I appreciate each and every one of you who has sent a card, said a prayer, thought positive thoughts, etc. It means the world to me!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Going Pink!! **UPDATED AGAIN 6/19/09 :)**

Hi there,

Long time no post.

Here's the short version of what has been going on in my life. I just ended week 8 of a continuous headache/migraine. Been to lots of docs, had lots of test. So far the diagnosis is labrynthitis and basal migraines. But it's not getting better, so I will be heading back to the docs. ** New meds for the headache. Steroids to try and get rid of it, migraine preventative meds, and new meds for when I have a migraine. Keeping my fingers crossed that this works!!**

I am going pink because my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer this week. She will have surgery this coming week or the week after. She has some more tests to do.

So needless to say, I haven't been stamping at all, though I think it might take my mind off of things. Might have to head to the stamp room this weekend.

For any of you who have not seen my request for cards for my mom...I am wanting to FLOOD her mailbox with love from anyone and everyone who is willing to send a card. If you would like to send a card, please reply to this post, include your email and I will email you her address.

So far I have cards being sent as a result of posting on the following sites:
9 from SCS Stampin Flybabies friends
9 from SCS friends
16 from Facebook friends
15 blog friends
16 non computer connected friends :)
65 total plus me **We're stalled in the 60's...come on now...we can do better**(We hit 50 NOW let's keep growing!!! Think it's possible to make 100?!?!?)

I want those numbers to grow, grow, grow so if you'd spread the word I would greatly appreciate it!!!

ETA: Thanks to Charlene and Christi and Lee who have linked to my blog to try and help me get more cards!!! Click on their names and go check their blogs out...they are AMAZING!!!

**My mom was in KC this weekend. She has started getting cards...and she is loving it. She even brought all the cards with her to KC to show I KNOW it is helping her spirits. Thank you all and lets keep em coming!!
**My mom has been really happy to get so many cards. She continues to get them and has been amazed at the number of cards, and how many she is getting that are hand made. Thank you to all of you who have sent them, and to those who are wondering, yes, you can still send one!!

Mom had surgery Wednesday. It went very well. Initial test of the tissue around the lump and of the lymph nodes came back negative for cancer. YEAH!!! They still do an extended test with results back sometime next week, but it is looking like it was caught early enough to kick cancer's booty Her spirits were really high yesterday, I was surprised and happy about that! She is having some pain, but she says its not bad. She said that her pee was blue...and they didn't mention that the dye they inject her with to see where they need to cut would do that so that was quite a surprise for her.

Today, her spirits were a little down, she said she wasn't sure why but that she was a little tired of talking about it and explaining what's going on and such. I think part of it may be just an emotional release but she certainly could use more cards to lift her spirits

The relief I feel cannot even be explained. I am so thankful to God for taking care of my momma and answering my prayers!! The relief will be complete next week when we get the final test results.

Thank you again to all who have sent cards, prayed, or sent good thoughts my momma's way!!