Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stampin Space Redo

I have had my stampin space in the basement since shortly after I started stampin. It just hasn't worked for me. So, I am moving everything upstairs into what I call the Yellow Room, because the walls are yellow. I got a great new desk and chairs, and now I need to do serious work moving everything upstairs, clean out the closet for stampin storage and decide on shelving in the room. But since I've been MIA so frequently, I thought I'd share pics of the new desk...I think I am gonna end up moving it, but I am so super excited to get it all perfect in there!!


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

I LOVE your new desk Keri!!! I hope you totally enjoy stampin' more now that you're upstairs!!!

Beverly said...

I know you've been wanting to make this move for sometime now....CONGRATS! The new desk looks GREAT!....I saw that in a mag lucky duck! :)

I think the "Yellow Room" will be a great place!'s so bright & cheery! Keep us posted!

Sarah's Stampin said...

what a great new space! Can't wait to see how you finish up the space and what you make in there!!! :)