Sunday, August 23, 2009

Prayers Please

I would like to start out by saying definitively...I hate cancer. It sucks. Big time.

So even though my mom's results after her surgery were fantastic, the doc changed her tune, and mom starts chemo tomorrow. Once every three weeks for 16-18 weeks, then radiation, then hormone therapy. I wish I lived in St. Louis so I could go with her. I have to say I am highly annoyed with her doctor...don't freaking tell a person all you should need is surgery and maybe radiation...then change your tune.

I am asking for some serious prayers please!!! I would greatly appreciate it!

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lasona said...

I lost my Dad back on June 17th from Lung ca. I pray that God will BLESS YOUR MOM with good health..May you all stay strong and know that miracles happen everyday. Im a papercrafter to stop by sometime..God Bless you and know prayers are sent your moms way..Lasona Roberson