Sunday, August 23, 2009

Prayers Please

I would like to start out by saying definitively...I hate cancer. It sucks. Big time.

So even though my mom's results after her surgery were fantastic, the doc changed her tune, and mom starts chemo tomorrow. Once every three weeks for 16-18 weeks, then radiation, then hormone therapy. I wish I lived in St. Louis so I could go with her. I have to say I am highly annoyed with her doctor...don't freaking tell a person all you should need is surgery and maybe radiation...then change your tune.

I am asking for some serious prayers please!!! I would greatly appreciate it!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Amazing News!!!

Hi all!! I wanted to share with you all the very overdue, but amazing news!! My mom's tests came back after her second surgery, and they got all the cancer this time!!! We are so happy, relieved and thankful!!! She will now do radiation and then I will be officially ready to say my mom kicked cancer's booty.

I have to tell you the journey to get these results seemed really really long even though from start to finish it hasn't been THAT long. But this past week was very very long. A week ago Tuesday she had her second surgery. They were supposed to have results by Friday or Monday of this week at the latest. On Tuesday evening, when they still hadn't gotten a call for results, they called the doctors office to find out that while they were testing my mom's tissue, the machine broke. They assured them they would get them the results by Wednesday at 5. At 6 on Wednesday, no call. My mom's was down and my dad was angry. He called the doctors office and told them it was cruel and unusual punishment to not call to let them know what was going on. When I called to check in that night, I didn't even recognize my dads voice because he was soooooo mad. Anyways, Thursday morning the results came in, thank you God!!

So, mom will have another appointment with the radiologist to see when they will do the radiation. I am hoping it's not for a few weeks so I can make it home to help out.

Thank you all for your cards and support. It has helped more than you will ever know!!