Saturday, April 19, 2008


This card was a lil challenging for me. Why you ask? Well, for anyone who has stamped with me, I tend to be a bit anal retentive. I like things to be precise. I have been working on getting over that, and have really let go of a lot. This card has a two step image, and I wanted the second image to be stamped precisely and perfectly on the first image. It took me two tries, boy was the first one off, but I got it pretty well on the second time, and forced myself to say it looked good even if it wasn't perfect. Stamp Club has helped me a lot with letting go of insisting on everything being perfect, because I don't have all my own supplies to just do it over and over and over and over and over again :) The green piece of paper was crumpled up like a piece of trash and then flattened back out for a great aged effect. With the torn white piece on top of it...I just love how this turned out!! The ribbon was a white piece of SU grosgain ribbon that was colored with a SU ribbon. I love that you can color SU ribbon to make whatever color you might need!!!


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said... can you even think that is NOT perfect???!! Oh my gosh, it's exquisite!! The flower is so perfect.....and the aged look of the cardstock behind it.....FANtastic!!!

Kurtis said...

I have to agree with luvlee...THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!


Suzanne said...

Add me to the third on the list. I love this card. I actually think that the flower you used looks better when it is a bit off. In fact I'm not sure it is designed to be a perfect fit.

Let me at you this summer. I'll make it my project to break you of perfectionism.....:) My grandmother taught me it is okay to not be perfect because there is only one perfect being in the universe and it is not me. Do your best, but don't obsess over being perfect! I thank her for that teaching. It really has reduced the stress in my life.

Boy that was a preachy comment....sorry!

Christi said...

How can you not see anything but perfection? This is beautiful!!

Beth said...

Hey Keri - you and I can stamp happily together, I'm right beside you on the anal retentive train, lol. Yes, I too have been working on that, but it's hard! Your card is perfect - great colors and wonderful stamping! I love the crumpled cardstock and the offset layering-I need to try that sometime! TFS

LadyDoc said...

Keri- this card is WONDERFUL!!!!