Thursday, April 10, 2008

One last card pic before I have to create something new ;)

This is the last card in my collection of pics that I can post before I need to create some more...or scrounge out some I haven't taken a pic of ;-)

I made this card about a year ago for another girl who was going through a hard time. Looking back at this card I think, wow, that's kinda cute...I need to use all my fun toys more often!!!

Love to hear what you think!!!


Lee said... do need to use those cool toys more.....this card is just gorgeous!! I love that color combo....and the monogram layered onto the punchies is so cool!!

Christi said...

This is adorable Keri!! If there's any toys you don't need any more send 'em my way! *wink* :)

LadyDoc said...

That card is more than "kinda cute"- it is WAY LOVELY!!!

Beth said...

LOVE how you punched out your CB'd image-and it goes beautifully with the paper...fabulous!

Liana of the Frog Hats said...

This card is SO cute!! It's awesome! :)