Friday, August 8, 2008


What a cool date!! And the perfect day to get my rear back over to my blog and post something. I have been on a creative hiatus. Life has been super busy with work and school that something had to give and sadly it was stamping. In the future I will be finding a better balance because even with craziness the creative release that is stamping is very therapeutic and this weekend I am doing some therapy!!!

So how about a PMS check since I haven't done one in way too long...

P(hysical) ~ I must say I am pretty exhausted. This week has been hard on my body, we are getting new window and ac at work and with 100 degree temps it makes for not the most fun I've ever had. But on the other hand my asthma and allergies are pretty decent and I feel pretty good!!

M(ental) As tired as I am my head is in such a good place these days. Even with the whining and groaning that has gone on at work with all the construction and how frustrating that has been, I have been doing well at being angry for a bit about it, then getting over it because one of my fave quotes I learned from a Flybaby friend is "Your attitude is contagious, is yours worth catching?" and I know I want to spread happiness and positivity!!

S(piritual) AWESOME...that's what I can say about this one. God is good, and when you trust that he's got a plan it makes life much easier. Having faith has meant the world to me lately!!

So, as busy crazy as things have been, I can roll with the punches, be flexible, plan as best I can and adjust as needed! Hope to have some crafty posts soon for you!!


Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing what you create and I'm glad that your PMS is on the positive side of life!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaay!! Keri's back!!!! Let's get stampin' my friend!!!!