Friday, August 29, 2008

PayPal follow up

To the posters who were supportive, positive, and gave me great solutions to my problem ~ THANK YOU! I appreciate them!

Let me start the "meat" of this post by stating that the thoughts and opinions stated in this post and this entire blog are mine and I am allowed to have them and post them. If you don't like them, well, that's life and we don't all think the same way, and I don't expect you to all agree with me, but I do expect comments/responses on my blog to be respectful and not insulting . My first reaction to the comments on my PayPal SUCKS post was to just delete them, but then I felt compelled to share my reactions to them, because, well this is my blog and I can do that. And if you are going to make statements like were made, and not share your identity then I have to respond publicly, which quite frankly I am good with, because a good ole debate on your beliefs vs. my beliefs is not a bad thing.

If you want to understand where all of this is coming from, head on over to the comments section of my PayPal SUCKS post and read what Anonymous and Penny had to say!

First of all, please show me where I called PayPal evil. I stated that they suck, their tag line states they are a secure way to send money. Having over $1000 stolen out of my account isn't secure. If being 16 days out from the first disputes being resolved and still not having my money back when they say it will take 7 to 10 days is them taking my claim seriously, then I obviously have a different definition of serious. I don't do business with companies who behave like this. You can if you choose, but I wouldn't recommnend it, and that's exactly what my original post stated. I made no claim of being the all knowing PayPal Queen, but I think people deserve to know what PayPal is doing to people, and yes, more importantly hackers, but PayPal has known for a while that their site security is a problem and haven't made the changes that have stopped this from happening. So if you took my original post as preaching then that's your interpretation.

Second, I will be closing my accounts with both PayPal and my current bank and taking my business elsewhere. Might this happen with my credit cards and my new bank, yes, but I will not do business with companies who do not take the security of my money as seriously as I do. Maybe I just hold companies to a higher standard and expect them to be at least as smart or smarter than your average hacker (do I get flamed for insulting hackers now too?). Suggesting I put my money in my mattress, well, right now that's just silly, but if every account I have is hacked into then absolutely that's where my money is going. There are way too many businesses that I can still do business with if it comes to that. I hope it won't. I also don't believe it will come to that because I do believe that there are companies out there that will take care of my money appropriately. When I put my money into someone else's care, it is THEIR job to take care of it. I did MY job by being on top of my account activity, and called the bank before the PayPal charges even hit my bank, then called PayPal within 15 mintues of getting the notification, so on that note I did do everything I could do to protect my money, and I will continue to do that...and I will continue to expect the banks and other financial institutions I do business with to do THEIR jobs protecting my money or they won't have my business.

Edited to add: Oh, and I forgot to add the spectacular news that PayPal tried to withdraw all four amounts a second time last weekend. So, umm, while I will give them a lil leeway on the first four withdrawals, the second time it happened was COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY PayPals fault. Not evil, just MORONS.


Sarah said...

Keri - I'm so sorry to hear this still is not resolved for you. I'll keep praying for you that it does get fixed soon! I'm glad to hear you are changing banks, after the mis-information you were given I'm not sure they are very trust worthy. It's too bad the first person you talked to at the bank didn't give you the right info - it could have saved a world of headaches and heartaches!!

Suzanne said...

Keri, I am so so sorry about all this. To have people basically attack you over your opinions after you were a victim is so wrong. I hope that things do get resolved and can hardly believe that they tried to take the money out of your account a second time after they knew what had already happened. I try hard not to be paranoid about things like this happening but sometimes that is just plain hard...

Keri R. said...

I thought the title of this blog was KERIANNE!!!! You have every right to post YOUR opinions on here!! Besides this being YOUR blog, you stated absolute facts about a company that is failing to do their job!! Way to go Keri.....I could not of responded better myself!!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Ohhhhh HELLO KERIANNE!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait........maybe this blog really is NOT your blog and YOU are the evil one!!??? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, see??? Not even in this year of 2008 are we apparently civilized enough to grasp not only the concept of "free speech" but also of RESPONSIBILITY of corporations and financial institutions!!! SHEEEEEEEEEEEEESH!!!!!!!!!

Way to go on keeping on top of everything AND letting us know so we can try that whole Prevention thing so we all benefit from that info and NOT become victims!!!! I've got your back girl..........and I, for one, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lori J said...

Kerianne, I am so sorry that this is happening to you! I don't wish this on anyone and I hope that things like this will be taken seriously and that companies will continue to increase security. That totally SUCKS!