Sunday, August 17, 2008

JDRF Walk 2008

It's that time of year again. On October 11, my family and I will participate in the Walk to Cure Diabetes here in Kansas City. My beautiful, smart, funny, sassy, stubborn and amazing 7 year old niece Sierra (she's the one front and center in the above pic!) was diagnosed with this awful disease in April seems like longer. Sierra uses an insulin pump, which reduces the number of sticks she gets, but she still has to endure 10-12 finger sticks a day. I am in awe and amazement of her each time she explains to me in grown up terms about her disease, how to use her pump, how to count carbs, and which snacks she needs when her blood sugar is low. Please help support my family and I, and even more importantly the crucial research that will find a cure for this disease. Click here to make a donation! Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated!!

I will leave you with this poem that I cannot honestly tell you where I found it...but I love it...and it speaks to the HOPE we have to find a cure in Sierra's lifetime!

Do you know what hope is? It's magic and it's free.
It's not in a prescription. It's not in an IV.
It punctuates our laughter. It sparkles in our tears.
It simmers under sorrows. It dissipates our fears.
Do you know what hope is? It's reaching past today.
It's dreaming of tomorrow. It's trying a new way.
It's pushing past impossible. It's pounding on the door.
It's questioning the answer. It's always seeking more.
It's rumours of a break. It's whispers of a cure.
A roller coaster ride. Of remedies, unsure.
Do you know what hope is? It's candy for the soul.
It's perfume for the spirit. To share it makes you whole.
Take my hand...come... Let's share this hope...together...


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh wow!! Time went by so fast! Yes, I'll definitely be stopping in at your page and donating soon.......HUGS to you!!! You're such an amazing Auntie!!!

Keri R. said...

Hi Keri.....what a wonderful gave me goose bumps!I will be donating to such a great cause....Sierra is a lucky little girl to have you on her side!!HUGS!!

Linsey said...

Your daughter is so brave and strong--just like my brother, Derek (14 now, diagnosed at 10). He also has the pump and has finally seemed to adjust to it and stabalized recently (that means no hospitalvisits for about 6 months, yay!) I'm so proud of your family for being an active part of the fight to cure Diabetes--it will happen--we will make it happen with people like you and Lee and me and everyone who gives the time to care enough to make it happen. I will also be walking on the 11th in Seattle with a team of another family, but they've added my Derek's name to the t-shirts this year, since he in in NV. What an amazing community! I love this poem, it is truly inspiring. Many blessings xoxoxo