Friday, September 21, 2007

It's Friday!!!

This week seemed very long, yet seemed to go by fast...does that make any sense?? Today was another good day at work. Lots accomplished, still so much to do. It's that time of year when licensing and accreditation reports are due, and while they're not hard, they are tedious and time consuming!

I have a list of stamping and cardmaking items that I want to try and get done this weekend. I am so excited... I went to this fabulous training last week in San Diego, and I got to talking about my cards, and the trainer has asked me to send her some cool is that!! I could start my own little business on the side!!

Here are a few more cards including another Bella I have made...hopefully this weekend you will actually get to see something I made recently!!!

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Lee said...

I have the little chickie card, I have the little chickie card!!! I LOVE it!! You are so creative!!