Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday's Musings

Today has been a good day! Slept in, though I didn't sleep too well, since I decided not to set my alarm and I kept waking up because I was afraid I would oversleep and miss my lunch date. I met a friend who I used to work with at one of my fave places, Andre's. They make the most luscious quiche, always have a nice side, today was tomato slices and green been salad, YUM, and then you get a dessert, which they are famous for. I had (go ahead and giggle at my phonetic spelling of this one) the matter horn, which I almost always have because it is so sinfully delicious. Linda, my friend, and I caught up and giggled about old stories that we love. Our friend Leann wasn't able to make it this time, so we will just have to go back soon.

I stopped by my fave LSS, Stamper's Ink,, to pick up the Trick or Treat pail topper by Stampendous. I am going to make several someones (who shall remain nameless in case they read this) a present for Halloween. I also got some great orange and black Stickles for my Halloween project.

I came home, vegged for a bit, then got some cleaning done. Mopped, dusted, tidied, made the bed, wiped down the fridge and did some decluttering. My allergies are not cooperating with my desire to clean, so I am taking a break. Need to get some of my crafting projects done, but the cleaning bug bit me.

I have to figure out something to make for dinner, and then let the crafting begin!!

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Lee said...

I'm so glad you got to just have a girls day out!! So important to keep our sanity! Still sounds like you ate healthier than I did!!! :)