Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday September 25

A rainy Tuesday here in Kansas City!!! They weren't able to replace my windshield because of it, so we have rescheduled for Thursday. Yet another busy day at work, with too many meetings and not enough time to get things done at my desk. The best part of my day was the HUGE hug I got from a little boy in the hallway, one of those hugs where they wrap their whole little body around you and hold on for dear life. Made my day!! And the second best part was the baby who was pulling himself up to stand and sitting back down behind a shelf to play peek a boo with me...the grin and giggle he let out every time I said "peek-a-boo" was delightful!!!

Next Tuesday is our 5th Annual Golf Tournament to benefit our agency. I am especially excited because my mom and dad will be coming to play, and I haven't seen them in way too long! They haven't decided yet when they will get here.

Then in two weeks is the Juvenile Diabetes walk. My mom and dad, both sisters and their husbands, and my nieces (2) and nephews (2) will be here. If you are interested in supporting us, please see the link on the sidebar!! Any amount, small or large, is greatly appreciated!!! I am almost halfway to my goal...I can use any help you are willing to give!! :)


Christi said...

I would love to help but I'm going to have to check my budget and see if SIS will let me. :) That is awesome that you are so close to your goal!

Lee said...

Oh Keri...........I think I enjoyed those little baby moments right along with you!!! :) I'll be rooting you on from Colorado when you're on your Juvenile Diabetes walk!!