Thursday, September 27, 2007

September's Almost Gone

Can you believe it's almost October...I am so excited to get my fall and Halloween decorations out!! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!!

Today was another long day at work!! But it was another good day at work. Still so much to do. Today will be another packed day, but I will be leaving at a reasonable hour because my parents are coming tomorrow night!! They will stay with me Friday night, then we will go to soccer games and other niece/hephew events :)

Next week I will finally be able to get all of my staff together to give them their paint cans. Also included in the paint can will be this poem and the lil goodies (the lil goodies can be substituted for other items that would fit, I had to do this) it describes. Here is the poem!

Inside this little paint can
Is only a tiny treasure
Meant to give each of you
A little bit of pleasure
But most of all to say how much
I value what you do
And thank you for a team that is
A Director’s dream come true!

Chocolate Kahlua Candy
When the hand print turkeys from November have morphed into hand print reindeer for December, calm yourself before you say anything by taking a relaxing break with your nonalcoholic :( chocolate.

Groovy Eraser
Great for cleaning up your language when you’ve been a bit too frank on your classroom/home visit observations or monthly reports.

Pumpkin Lotion
After a long day of entering or checking child plus data, give yourself a soothing lift with this pumpkin concoction.

Smiley Guy
When data entry, ECI, NRS, outcomes and all the rest are getting you down, take this little guy out to remind yourself of what is really important, and keep the joy in your job! (Pounding him down on the table a few times is also a great stress reliever)

Ghirardelli Chocolate
As this fine quality chocolate melts in your mouth, take a moment to acknowledge your own loveliness and the quality work you do every day. You truly are the best!

Gold Coin
When the paycheck doesn’t quite add up to the amount of hours and dedication you put into your job, look at this coin and remember that to me, you are worth your weight in gold!!!

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Lee said...

Keri............that is sooooo sweet and very creative!!! A non-clutter gift too!!! ;) I'd love to CASE that!!