Sunday, September 30, 2007

The last day of September 2007

A lovely end to a pretty lovely month. Today was a nice day, I slept in, ran to the grocery store for a couple of items, did a few things around the house, made a pumpkin shaped cookie cake, and dinner for my mom, dad, sister Kathy, her husband Sean, and my niece and nephew Sierra and Luke. Spaghetti for lil miss picky Sierra. Tacos (or burritos as Luke called them) for the rest of us. It was my mom's request, she likes my tacos, which seems kind of silly to me, as they are exactly what she made for us growing up, just with the addition of refried beans and sour cream as an option on them, and flour tortillas instead of corn. But they are easy to make, and if that's what my mom wants, that what she gets :) They were a remarkable hit which is nice!!

I bought orange, yellow, white and black frosting for the kiddos to frost their cookie cake with, which they enjoyed, and they both had black teeth and tongues from. Sierra's favorite part was going over to her dad and asking him for a kiss, at the time, he and my dad were watching the football game, so when she asked he wasn't looking at her, he leaned over to kiss her, and saw her mouth and he kind of jumped back, which Sierra thought was just hysterical.

I have these pretty flower shaped pillows on my couch which, umm, the Adam's family decided to wear as hats.


Lee said...

Love those pics Keri!!!! What a fun family day it sounds like!! And yummy food, of course!!

Suzanne said...

Now that top picture is a scary picture. :) I can see why her dad jumped back...I'm sure it wasn't what he was expecting!